Self-Directed Services programs or Participant Directed & Managed Services (PDMS) enable individuals who have a developmental disability or acquired brain disorder to direct their services and to experience, to the greatest extent possible, independence, community inclusion, employment and a fulfilling home life, while promoting personal growth, responsibility, health, and safety.

In this service option, individuals and their families are not only encouraged, but expected, to be actively involved in all aspects of the service arrangement including: designing services, selecting service providers, deciding how the authorized funding is to be spent based on the needs identified in the service agreement, and performing ongoing oversight of the services provided.

Services provided through a PDMS program should include assistance and resources to individuals in order to maintain or improve their skills and experiences in living, working, socializing, and recreating.

Participant directed and managed services are available to any individual who:

  1. Is eligible and has funding for services pursuant to He-M 503 or He-M 522, and
  2. Wishes to direct, or whose representative wishes to direct, his or her services.

Community Partners has created a family-friendly enrollment process that will provide individuals and families with the assistance needed to develop a program they feel confident they can implement and manage.

Once enrolled in the program, each individual is assigned an Account Manager who provides account management services to help in monitoring the program budget and also service coordination services to assist with any service coordination needs that may arise related to programming and services. The Account Manager becomes the individual’s primary contact at Community Partners and will work collaboratively with individuals and families in order to ensure the support needs identified in the service agreement are being met through the services provided.

This self-directed services option allows families to access a variety of services and resources, but along with greater choice comes a greater level of responsibility as well. Families who choose this model of service must be willing to design, direct, implement and monitor the services provided. This could include completing & submitting paperwork on a timely basis, managing personal support staff or coordinating services. The Consolidated Services Team supports PDMS Families through a teaching model of support. Team members work collaboratively with families to teach skills and build the individual’s or representative’s capacity to manage a PDMS program effectively and successfully.

What can you do to prepare for enrollment in a PDMS program?

  • Think about the future and identify specific support needs you, or your family member, will have on a daily or weekly basis after entering the Adult Services system.
  • Consider how and where you might meet those identified support needs.
  • Continue to build your family’s support network. Families often use their own social network to find resources including personal support providers.
  • Practice good money management and financial tracking skills. One responsibility you will have in a PDMS program is to track, manage and monitor the monthly program budget.

Prior to enrollment, every individual or family is required to attend a PDMS Information Session.

PDMS Information Sessions are held throughout the year, and dates are scheduled in advance in order to help families plan ahead. At the Information Session, you will learn the basics about the Self-Directed Services option and gain the insight necessary to decide whether this is a good fit for you and your family member. It’s never too early to attend an Information Session! Plan to meet this requirement early so you are ready to proceed with enrollment when it’s time! Contact your agency representative or email Annie Malouin in the Consolidated Services Department for a current PDMS Information Session schedule.

Introducing the Consolidated Services Team:

Annie Malouin, Program Supervisor
Aaron Gerber, Account Manager
Hannah Stafford, Account Manager
Michelle Claflin, Account Manager
Pam Dushan, Director of Case Management

If you are considering a PDMS program for Adult Services and would like more information on this self-directed model of services, please contact your agency representative at (603) 516-9300 or email Annie Malouin.