The Residential Programs serve over a hundred and twenty individuals throughout Strafford County who live with either home providers, their families, or in the three staffed residences which are administered by Community Partners and located in Somersworth and Durham.

Specific services include: instruction in all activity of daily living skills so that each person can become as independent and self-directed as possible in their daily household routines; recreational activities which create opportunities for individuals to meet other members of the communities in which they reside; and medical management and medication administration to ensure that each person maintains their health and receives the medical care they require.

For those individuals who live with home providers, care is taken to ensure that an appropriate match for compatibility is made and that each person’s guardian is in agreement with the placement. Many individuals have lived with the same home providers for over ten years; this longevity has created a transformative sense of stability and personal safety for them. Prior to placement each person is assessed to determine the appropriate level of supervision they’ll need as outlined in the state regulation governing certified community residences.

Many individuals require 24 hour supervision in order to maintain personal safety. If they meet the criteria for self-supervision, some individuals do have periods of unsupervised time the amount of which is determined by their service teams.

Each program participants’ residential services are monitored closely by their Residential Program Coordinator, Case Manager, and Nurse to ensure that their needs are being met and that services are in compliance with all pertinent state regulations.

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Eligibility to Receive Developmental Services