Nursing Supports are provided to all individuals involved in our Developmental Services residential programs. Each client in a residential placement is assigned a primary nurse to oversee his or her medical and therapeutic needs.

Nurses are available to consult with clients, their families, and other team members, to advise them regarding any medical concerns or nursing needs for those in the day programs and community support services, or for others who are not served by Residential services.

Nurses also instruct non-licensed staff in the administration of medications as well as other treatments or therapies that clients receiving services require to maintain and achieve optimum health and well-being. In addition, nurses regularly conduct Quality Assurance reviews and provide health care coordination for the individuals on their caseload.

Nurses are an integral part of the client’s team, attending team meetings and participating in the development of Individual Service Agreements. Nurses also carry a cell phone 24/7 to address any urgent or emergent needs.

Eligibility to Receive Developmental Services